Analytics and Reporting

Learn More From your Data with - Analytics

One of the enormous benefits of digital commerce and marketing is the ability to easily gather data, and track, monitor and analyze everything related to customers, inventory and acquisition and retention programs. Used correctly, analytics & reporting tools enable organizations to evaluate the performance of their overall business, marketing programs and sales across the entire enterprise.

Web and marketing analytics tools top the list of marketing technologies used by US marketers – used by 75 percent of enterprise marketers.

The analytics and reporting platform should be one of your highest priorities - understanding business performance is instrumental in developing your strategy and decision-making for budget planning, spending and timing.

The analysis and reporting of website data is table stakes and a must-have for all organizations. Today, web analytics should also include mobile web, and other digital platforms and capture both browsing behavior as well as transactional data. Advanced web analytics provide insight into visitor and referral data, traffic and navigation patterns and detailed metrics reports that help retailers optimize the ecommerce site and other digital touchpoints.