Order Management:


Sixty percent of frequent shoppers have purchased products online for in-store pickup – four times more than the consumers who shop online just a few times per year.

  • For online-only retailers most digital platforms include capabilities that may be sufficient. However, organizations that manage multiple channels or multiple facilities should consider investing in a centralized order management solution.

  • OUR TAKE: Do you need an OMS? We see much confusion regarding retailers’ need for an OMS when they have an ECP, ERP, WMS, PIM, or any combination of those systems. The answer is, “It depends.” You need to evaluate the capabilities of the systems you have in place, document the gaps, and progress from there. This will help you determine your need for an OMS and the specific type of OMS you require, as they come in many different flavors.

  • Omnichannel Order Management As an increasing number of shoppers demand more convenient and faster shopping and delivery options, it is imperative for retailers to adopt new omnichannel fulfillment options, including buy online/pick up in-store, (BOPIS), shipfrom-store, buy online/return in-store (BORIS), and savethe-sale.