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Powering Omnichannel Retail

Technological advances and trends, including omnichannel retail, mobile shopping, and global expansion are dictating changes and prioritizations in the digital selling space, while traditional sales channels such as print catalogs are nearing extinction.

Enabling seamless movement across channels requires a unified view of the customer and coordination across all customer touchpoints. To arrive at this view, organizations need to assimilate all the data they can collect across channels, including customers’ online behaviors and browsing history, in-store and online purchases, inventory, promotions, social media interactions, and more.


To fully embrace an omni-channel retail approach, the digital commerce platform must be fully integrated with all other systems in the technology ecosystem, and it must be able to capture all data and feed it into a centralized database that can be leveraged across the entire organization.



Total US retail ecommerce sales are projected to reach $462 billion and are estimated to hit $603 billion by 2021.